Scientific Programme

GIAPCON - 2015

41st Annual Conference Of Academy of Pediatrics

Venue: RMC hall, Pedak Road, Rajkot
Date: 19th - 20th December 2015

Conference Schedule

Time Session Faculty
8:00-9:00 am Registration & Breakfast  
Session 1 Supported by Nippon Seiyanku
9:00-9:20 am Antibiotics in ICU Dr. Vijay Yewale
9:25-9.45 am Avoid antibiotic abuse Dr. Abhay Shah
9.50-10:10 am Learning common cold with clinicopictorial differentiators Dr. Ashok Kapse
10:15-10:45 am Interesting cases 1. Dr. Anand Shandilya(M)
2. Dr. Satish Pandya
3. Dr. Baldev Prajapati
4. Dr. Ashwin Sanghavi
Session 2 Supported by MSD Vaccines
10:50-11:50 am

Office practice : approach to a pt. of :

- Recuurent cough
- Recurrent vomiting, beyond one year
- Enuresis

Dr. Digant Shashtri
Dr. Chetan Trivedi
Dr. Upendra Kinjuwadekar
11.55-12.10 pm Dealing with press & other media Dr. Rajesh Maaheshwari
12.15-12.25 pm Decreasing NMR – Preventing the preventable Dr. Anil Patel
12:30-12.50 pm Adolescent – life skills Dr. Preeti Galagali
12.55-2. 05 pm Paper presentation  
Session 3 Supported by Abbott Vaccines
02.10-02.50 pm Mixed bag
- Follow up of NICU graduates
- Nephrotic syndrome: steroids & beyond
Dr. Ashish Mehta
Dr. Fagun shah
02.55-3.25 pm Key Note Lecture “From Pediatrics to Applied Paediatrics – Do What You Learn ” Dr. Pramod Jog
3.30-4.00 pm Pediatric Surgery Symposium:
- Timings of surgical interventions
- Surgical conditions mimicking medical conditions
Dr. Amit Sitapara
Dr. Anirudh Shah
Session 4 Supported by GSK Vaccines
4.05 -4.50 pm Vaccine Dialogue – sidhi baat, face to face on:
Chickenpox , Meningococcal, Rota Virus, vaccines in special situation
Dr. Yagnesh Popat (M)
Dr. Raju Shah
Dr. Vijay Yewale
Dr. Pravin Mehta
Dr. S S. Kamath
4.55-5.25 pm Calm Sutra Dr. Pramod Jog

Three meetings during the day

EB meeting for PSSS - 12.00 Noon
NoonGBM for PSSS - 12.30 pm
EC meeting AOP Gujarat – 1.00 pm


  • 5.15pm: General body meeting for academy of Pediatrics, Gujarat
  • 7.30pm onwards: Inauguration, Banquet and cultural Programme


Day - 2

Time Session Faculty
8:00 - 8:30 am Breakfast  
Session 5Supported by Wockhart Vaccines
8.30 - 9.00 am Protocol based discussion panel on:
Dr. Sheila Aiyer (M)
Dr. Bela Shah
Dr. Uma Nayak
Dr. Sonal Shah
9.05 - 9.25 am Improving child health in Gujarat Dr Nishit Dholakia
9.30 - 10.30  am Adolescent Symposium
- Raising technobrats- dealing with the technology storm
- Adolescent identity crisis
- Obesity in adolescent
Dr. Anand Shandilya
Dr. Nishchal Bhatt
Dr. Preeti Galagali
10:35  - 11:05 am Critical care symposium: case based discussion on Child with – Respiratory distress
- Shock
- Altered Sensorium
Dr. Raju Shah (M)
Dr. Abhisek Bansal
Dr. Amit Chitaliya
Dr. Amruta Kanjani
Session 6Supported by Sanofi Vaccines & Pharma
11:10  - 11.50 am Hematology symposium:
- Stem cell banking- a Boon or Buisness?- What’s new in Iron deficiency anemia
Dr. Deepa Trivedi
Dr. Nitin Shah
11:55 - 12.35  am Case based panel discussion on Fever:
- Fever without focus
- Prolong fever
Dr. Upendra Kinjuwadekar(M)
Dr. Digant Shastri
Dr. Abhay Shah
Dr. Sanjay Ghorpade
1.10-2.00 pm Lunch  
Session 7Supported by BHarat Biotec
2.00 - 3.00  pm Superspeciality cme – Pearls Fatafat
- Pediatric Urology
- Pediatric Orthopedic
- Pediatric Dentristry
Dr. Ambrish Vaidya
Dr. Maulin Shah
Dr. Jeet Naik
3.05 - 3.50 pm Vaccine Dialogue - point to point, on :
Pneumococcal, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, IPV
Dr. Nitin Shah (M)
Dr. Raju Shah
Dr. Navin Thacker
Dr. Baldev Prajapati
Dr. Bakul Parekh
3.50-4.05 pm Valedictory  



  • No welcome flower
  • Only memento while coming down from stage / simultaneously the other speaker is already called on stage
  • Que – Ans outside the hall. Special area to be prepared for “ Faculty – Hazra hazure”
  • No chairmen / co chairmen

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