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Rajkot is the the 4 largest city in the state of Gujarat, the 9 cleanest city in India & the 22 fastest growing city in the world. This hub of Saurashtra is famous for being an important industrial centre for Gujarat. It is well known for its abundance of gold and silver, and for its textile expertise. The city is also a major exporter of diesel engines, watch parts and bearing equipment. It is well recognized for its strong Kathiawadi connections with Mahatma Gandhi.

Rajkot and its excursions are considered to be a rich repository of cultural and historical inheritance of Saurashtra and Kutch regions. It is recognized as one of the living traditions with people of diverse communities ranging from nomadic tribes to citydwellers and cultural expressions ranging from property to architecture.

Some of the places to visit in Rajkot are the Aji Dam – a dam site made during British rule – now a popular picnic spot, the Race course – ever popular for morning and evening strolls and hang-outs, the Rotary Dolls Museum – this unique museum gives an overview of the culture and traditions of the world through its collection of dolls, the Lang Library and the Jubilee Garden. Community Science Centre and Planetarium is an informative science museum. The Watson Museum displays artefacts from Indus Valley, Harappan Civilization and the period of Mohenjadaro. Funworld, within the Race Course Circle and Pradyuman Park Zoo, on the outskirts are major attractions for kids.

The Kaba Gandhi No Delo - Mahatma Gandhi's childhood residence - which has now been converted in to a memorial called 'Gandhi Smriti' is another major attraction. Its museum has photographs, objects and other belongings of Mahatma Gandhi. The Mahatma Gandhi Vidhyalaya (formerly Alfred High School) where Gandhi got his primary education, the Rashtriya Shala, an educational institution started by Gandhi, the Swaminarayan Temple, Ramkrishna Ashram and Lalpari Lake are some of the other local attractions.

Rajkot is also famous for its traditional sweets and garba dances. In order to shop for the regional specialities, the local markets such as the Dharmendra Road Bazaar can be visited for perfumes, incense sticks, clothes, handlooms, etc. The Bangdi Bazaar specialises in imitation jewellery and the Mochi Bazaar in ethnic footwear.

Rajkot is surrounded by a number of tourist spots of diverse interest like wildlife sanctuaries, historical sites as well as religious pilgrimages.

    Mount Girnar and the Gir forest (known for its healthy lion population) is a major wildlife attraction near the neighbouring Junagadh.
    The beaches & historical temple of Somnath and Diu (of Daman & Diu, formerly a Portugese colony) are popular destinations.
    Dwarka – This ancient Krishna temple town on the western tip of Gujarat and the eco-rich National Marine Park of Pirotan Island off the coast of Jamnagar are worth visiting from Rajkot.
    Morbi is a flourishing town well known for its ceramic and clock industry en route from Rajkot to the White desert in the Rann of Kutch.
    Mahatma Gandhi's birthplace is preserved as Kirti Mandir in the nearby town of Porbandar on the West Coast of Gujarat.

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The gateway of Sautashtra, Rajkot is also the 22nd fastest growing city in the world.


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